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Employers Most Frequently Receive Citations For Violating Fall Protection Safety Standards On The Jobsite

construction workers wearing safety harness protecting against fall

To eliminate the danger of falling, tools with an extension capability should be used whenever possible. However, when workers cannot avoid working from heights (defined as six feet or more for the construction industry) OSHA has safety requirements put in place to protect workers from predictable dangers.

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The Six Workplace Safety Standards Most Frequently Violated By Employers

OSHA standards exist to protect workers from unsafe conditions in the work place. When workers suffer injuries on the jobsite, those people in charge of safety at the jobsite may be responsible for the consequences of failing to protect workers from these foreseeable dangers.

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Ask Dr John Esq – Common Construction Site Injuries

site safety signs for construction site - byline john naranja, md, jd

Construction sites remain an environment where safety and awareness of potential dangers are paramount. Injuries at these locations may be catastrophic. Learn more from Dr. John Naranja, MD. JD.

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