What To Know About Attorney Robert J. Lyons – It’s The Results That Matter

attorney robert j. lyons gets results for his clients based on a solid in education and  values
A man inspired to meet and exceed expectations in his work and life, Robert Lyons puts his all into achieving results.

Looking back, this began with his first varsity Lacrosse game. Having been coached by his father leading up to high school, Robert was prepared for the challenges and criticisms he would face. His hard work paid off when the team won that game in overtime against a school they had never before beaten.

Robert J. Lyons, was born in Hillsborough, New Jersey in 1988. His father is a baker working for the company that makes McDonald’s hamburger buns while his mother is a purchaser for a company that makes fragrances. His sister works as a flavorist influencing the properties of various food products. Baking however was not what Robert had in mind. “Neither is cooking for that matter” Robert said with a chuckle.

Robert attended Lasell College after high school where he continued to achieve as a student athlete playing Lacrosse for the first two years. In his sophomore year at Lasell College Robert was a student athlete mentor to the incoming freshmen. Always interested in learning, he chose to major in history. Robert considered careers as a teacher or in law enforcement taking minors in history and political science while majoring in criminal justice. At the urging of two respected faculty advisors Robert began considering a career as a lawyer.

robert j lyons, j.d., personal injury lawyer at diller law, p.c. Robert continues to be involved in the Lasell Community today. Since graduating, Robert has been asked to come back and share his experience as a law student and new lawyer to the students who now attend the legal classes at Lasell College. Additionally, Robert has attended panels to continue improving the legal studies/criminal justice departments.

“Education was important in my family” Robert said, especially to his grandfather, a career chemist who developed medicines. He felt education was so important that he and his wife set up a college fund early on to be sure Robert could go to college and earn a professional degree afterwards.

Robert has worked in several different fields including working on a loading dock at one of the facilities where his father worked. This job taught Robert what it takes to work at a very physically demanding job and gave him a great deal of respect for those who do it every day. Robert also interned at the Newton Massachusetts District Court House and worked there for two terms while attending Lasell College. Robert enjoyed working with the dedicated staff in the clerk’s office and was inspired to work for the betterment of the community.

While he was in law school Robert developed an interest in personal injury law. This area of the law combined his passions in people, government, advocacy, and a desire to be of service to the public and community.

True to form, Robert put his focus and hard work into his education. He achieved his goals, graduating from college with a B.S. from Lasell College in 2011, earning his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in 2015, and passing the bar exam in July of 2016. 

massachusetts bar swearing in ceremony for new lawyers becoming members of the bar

Getting sworn in to the bar and becoming an attorney was both a highlight and bittersweet moment. His grandfather, who so embedded the value of education into him, passed away a few months earlier and was not able to be with him for this culminating accomplishment.

Robert feels fortunate to have gotten a job as an intern at Diller Law, P.C. in Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2014. Robert never left and became an attorney there in July of 2016. It is not surprising that he is happy at Diller Law where the entire team is respectful, loyal and puts their all into serving and supporting the clients. It’s more than a job. It is a cause. Robert enjoys fighting to hold others accountable for unsafe behavior, to recover the full measure of damages and to make the community a safer place to live. 

Currently living in Brighton, Massachusetts, Robert defines himself as a domestic. He likes living fully in the moment, focusing on creating the outcomes that are best for him and those around him. Though traveling the world is an interesting notion, when he has time off, he likes to go home and visit family and friends.

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