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Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus Scams

coronavirus - protect yourself from scams

As if the rising toll of COVID-19 victims and the economic impact wasn’t enough, now criminals are taking advantage of the situation to trick people into downloading malicious software onto their computers; giving out sensitive information enabling identity theft, or

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Ask Dr. John, Esq – COVID-19 Pandemic Calls for Treatment Alternatives for Personal Injury Clients

treatment alternatives for victims of personal energy during COVID-19 pandemic

How can those injured through no fault of their own obtain non-emergent treatment in this time of limited health service availability and the requirement for social distancing? The answer may be found by using telehealth. Recently, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker

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Unsafe Work Conditions Lead to Construction Deaths

unsafe work conditions lead to construction workers death

There are far too many cases where construction workers never return home after a fatal accident on an unsafe jobsite. The Boston Globe recently covered two more construction deaths that occurred within a few hours of one another in Massachusetts.

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Nightclub Safety Regulations To Be Enforced

Nightclub safety regulations to be enforced.

Reforms were called for by the City Counsel after a woman was abducted from a nightclub and killed last year. This abduction occurred only weeks after another kidnapping took place at a different club.  Now, a guidebook called “Best Practices

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