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At Diller Law, we want to provide helpful informational videos to help peopleunderstand generally legal and medical issues regarding different types of personal injury. This is not a substitute for legal advice and if you need advice regarding a specific case and specific facts, you should contact us directly. We provide free initial consultations. Also, feel free to use the share button the at the bottom right of the video play bar.

Ask Dr John – About Subdural and Epidural Hematoma Brain Injuries

On this episode of Ask Dr. John, our own Lawyer and Physician, Dr. John, helps us understand what Subdural & Epidural Hematoma are, how these injuries can occur and why they are such significant brain injuries.

Ask Dr John – Growth Plate Injuries

On our first episode of Ask Dr. John, our very own Lawyer and Physician, Dr. John, talks with us about Growth Plate Fractures. Watch our video to learn what the growth plate is, how it can be injured and what that means for recovery.

Injuries Caused By Dogs

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are 4.7 million dog bite injuries per year! Did you know that The State of Massachusetts has a 3 year Statute of limitations to file a legal claim for a dog bite? If you fail to file, you will forfeit your rights for the claim. Watch the video above to get more information about dog bite injuries and your legal rights.