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Auto Accident (Out-of-State) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a 25 year-old student who was visiting her future in-laws during Christmas vacation. The client was a rear seat passenger in an auto operated by her future sister in law when the auto ran a red light and crashed with another auto. The client seat belt cut through her abdomen causing extensive damage to her intestines, liver, and stomach, an emergency operation and a two (2) week stay in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The client developed problems with her neck, shoulders, back, thyroid gland and memory. The case settled within eight (8) months after the initial meeting with client after flying to Indiana for a settlement conference with the claims adjuster.

Auto Accident (Reasonably Foreseeable Intervening Event) – Settlement obtained on behalf of elderly man who was rear-ended by another motorist, resulting in back injuries necessitating surgery. Client awoke from accident-related surgery with severe case of tinnitis, which resulted in severe emotional distress.

Underinsured Accident – Award obtained on behalf of a 68 year old retired rabbi who was struck by another underinsured motorist who changed lanes resulting in a ruptured bicep muscle. Client suffered permanent injury that significantly interfered with his enjoyment for life’s daily activities.

Articles on Automobile Accidents
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