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The Hero’s Call | Champions of Safety and Justice

the hero's call - champions of safety and justice

We recognize that times are difficult. Many of our friends and neighbors are hurting. We made this web series, The Hero’s Call, to profile positivity in our community. We hope the extraordinary actions of ordinary people will help inspire others.

The Hero’s Call | Episode 8 | Philjay Solar | Asian American Commission

Have you heard the term “China Virus”? Since the pandemic, Asian Americans have faced racism. Learn how Philjay Somera Solar and the Asian American Commission have dealt with the negative stigma attached to such intentionally derogatory phrases.

The Hero’s Call | Episode 7 | Cara Soulia | The Front Steps Project

How does a simple idea go viral and raise more than $1.85 Million for the charities most needy in the midst of a global pandemic? In Episode 7 of The Hero’s Call, learn how Needham photographer, Cara Soulia, took her unexpected free time and founded The Front Steps Project, where she documented this historical time by photographing families on their front steps during the quarantine.

The Hero’s Call | Episode 6 | Dr. Tonisha Pinckney | Professor | Social Justice Advocate

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the racial justice crisis in our Country, learn how social justice advocate Dr. Tonisha Pinckney (Dr. Toni) is ready to resume mentoring police officers and to tackle race relations’ issues head on in an effort to make “liberty and justice for all” a reality.

The Hero’s Call | Episode 5 | Kerry Miller & Steve Clark | Mass Restaurant Association

Learn how 4 staff members of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) carried the local restaurant industry on their back in an effort to help every restaurant and their employees navigate the pandemic and get to the other side of COVID-19.

Episode 4 | Blended Family of Divorced Exes

Episode 3 | Attorney Stan Helinski, Helinski Law Offices

Episode 2 | COVID-19 Action Coalition MED Law Consulting, LLC

Episode 1: Mahlon Williams | Owner of ilovebostonsports.com

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