Construction Site Injuries

Construction sites are full of dangerous conditions for all those workers, landowners and people legally on site.

The possibility for danger and injury are high on construction sites especially considering the large number of people involved (general contractors, sub-contractors, landowners, architects, inspectors, suppliers and employees) and the hazardous conditions existing.

When injuries occur, they often are serious and result in significant medical bill exposure and income losses. Injuries can result from:

  • slipping
  • tripping
  • falling on the site
  • structures that give way
  • dangerous equipment or tools

If you suffer injury at a construction site, you should consult an experienced attorney who understands who or what coverage will satisfy your medical bills, pay your lost income and compensate you for the resulting pain and suffering.

Just because construction sites are knowingly dangerous does not mean that you are not entitled to be kept safe and free from expectant dangers while on site.

The lawyers at DILLER LAW do not charge a fee for the initial consultation because we generally work on a contingency fee and we understand how difficult financially it is for those who have recently suffered an injury on a construction site. For a free legal consultation call us now at +1 617.523.7771 or fill out our form on the top right side of this web page.

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