Personal Injury Cases Handled by Diller Law

Wrongful Death of a Child Pedestrian – During trial, the parties entered into a confidential settlement for the family of the child tragically struck and killed by a corporate truck operated by a company employee.

Premises Liability (Negligent Landlord) – Settlement against a landlord who did not maintain the second floor porch, resulting in a mild head injury and back fracture to a tenant who fell two stories when the porch collapsed.

Product Liability Wrong Death (National Product Manufacturer) – A confidential settlement was entered with a manufacturer of a product that caused catastrophic injuries to our client. The case was particularly challenging because the actual product that resulted in our client’s death was misplaced while lifesaving efforts were being performed. The manufacturer claimed without the product, a jury would not hold them accountable. However, through extensive research, we were able to obtain the exact serial number of the product by obtaining the sales receipt of where it was purchased. After obtaining the sales receipt, we were able to show the product was on a production line that made other defective products. The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Trial Partner Kenneth Fromson.

Workplace Injury (Slip and Fall) – Workplace Injury settlement against a professional cleaning company who chose not to place wet floor signs in high traffic area resulting in a wrist fracture to a worker, who slipped and fell.

Construction Site Accident Resulting in a Lost Leg – During trial, attorney Finkelstein settled a construction site injury resulting from a general contractor who chose to use two workers for a three person job.

Products Liability Wrongful Death (National Product Manufacturer) – During trial, Attorney Diller settled a wrongful death case against a national product manufacturer, whose product caused our client’s death.

Premises Liability (Restaurant’s Duty to Child on Premises) – Verdict obtained against CEC Entertainment, Inc. (aka Chuck E Cheese) on behalf of a six (6) year old child injured while visiting Chuck E Cheese’s premises. The jury held Chuck E Cheese responsible for the child’s damages resulting from Chuck E Cheese’s failure to maintain its Sky Tube attraction in a safe condition and for not doing regular safety inspections to identify dangerous conditions in the Sky Tube.
Defective Premises Cases Handled by Diller Law

Premises Liability (Janitorial Staff’s Duty to Professor in Academic Building) – Settlement obtained on first day of trial on behalf of a professor seriously injured when she slipped and fell on the wet floor of a common area in a local Cambridge university academic building. The defendant, a national provider of janitorial and management services, did not place yellow warning signs out while mopping.

Motorcycle Crash Resulting in Permanent Leg Injuries – Settlement obtained on behalf of a motorcyclist who was struck by a car pulling out from a parking space. The motorcyclist suffered a serious leg injury, nearly losing his leg as a result of the crash. Defendant settled claim after watching plaintiff’s video reconstruction of the crash presented at a mediation.

Premises Liability (Property Owner’s Duty to Person Lawfully on the Premises) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a grandmother who sustained a serious ankle fracture while visiting the house in which her granddaughter was a tenant and stepped into a hole in the asphalt at the base of the outside staircase causing her injury. Defendant settled client’s case after we secured an attachment of the defendant property owner’s subject property and delayed such property’s impending sale.
Defective Premises Cases Handled by Diller Law

Worker Related Accident (Uninsured Employer) – Settlement obtained on behalf of three young children whose father died when he fell from a ladder while painting a roof. The fatality occurred while working for an employer who subjected himself to personal liability by failing to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Employer settled case after we attached his significant assets and personal real estate.

Truck Accident – Settlement obtained on behalf of a 15 year old high school student that was driven home from school by her classmate when her vehicle collided with a truck carrying gravel from a granite supplier. As a result of the accident the client lost permanent use of her left arm and hand. Suit was brought against the trucker, the granite supplier and the driver of the motor vehicle. A substantial settlement was obtained against all three defendants after employing an expert to reconstruct the accident and to establish the truck was speeding.
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Premises Liability (Attractive Nuisance) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a 9 year-old boy who was crushed when a pile of unsecured railroad ties stacked in a pyramid-like shape collapsed on him. Client suffered permanent injury including but not limited to a closed head injury. Settlement enabled family to send child to private school, which helped him deal with his accident-related cognitive deficits.

Pedestrian Accident (Third Party Settlement of a Work Related Injury) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a valet who was loading a child stroller into the trunk of a vehicle when the defendant operating a vehicle behind him failed to secure the brake and caused the vehicle to sandwich the valet’s knees between two vehicles. Client suffered a knee injury and lost significant time from his employment. We obtained a settlement sufficient to compensate client for his damages and to cover the client’s worker’s compensation lien.
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Premises Liability (Landlord’s Duty to a Disabled Tenant) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a blind woman who suffered a fractured coccyx and soft tissue injuries when plaintiff fell down the interior staircase to her two story, fifth floor apartment when the railing came undone from the wall. The settlement came after mediation and helped her move her family to a safer apartment in a safer community.
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Motorcycle Accident – Settlement obtained on behalf of man who was cut off by a motorist, resulting in serious injuries to his dominant wrist and arm requiring surgery. Client lost significant time from work and the injuries significantly interfered with the client’s daily physical activities.
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Auto Accident (Out-of-State) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a 25 year-old student who was visiting her future in-laws during Christmas vacation. The client was a rear seat passenger in an auto operated by her future sister in law when the auto ran a red light and crashed with another auto. The client seat belt cut through her abdomen causing extensive damage to her intestines, liver, and stomach, an emergency operation and a two (2) week stay in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The client developed problems with her neck, shoulders, back, thyroid gland and memory. The case settled within eight (8) months after the initial meeting with client after flying to Indiana for a settlement conference with the claims adjuster.
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Landlord’s Negligence (Fire Victim, Smoke Detector) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a 35 year-old immigrant living in a one-bedroom apartment with 5 other immigrants. The client’s mattress became engulfed in flames causing extensive burns over 30 percent of his body when he was alone in the apartment, drinking, smoking, and lying on a mattress on the living room floor. The client spent over 8 months in a local hospital. We alleged the hot-wired smoke detectors were not operating properly. The settlement helped the client return to his homeland.
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MBTA Bus Accident (Duty of MBTA to its Disabled Passengers) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a paraplegic, wheel chair bound man, who suffered soft tissue neck injuries when he fell off the bus’s handicap lift and landed on the pavement five feet below. The plaintiff alleged, amongst other things, that the wheelchair was not properly secured on the lift.
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Bank Negligence – Settlement obtained on behalf of a businessman who withdrew $2,000 from a branch bank a few doors from his place of business. The teller placed the money in an envelope and handed it to the client, who placed the envelope into his breast pocket. The teller mistakenly put a dye pack into the envelope, which exploded as soon as the client left the bank. The incident caused the client permanent injury to both his eyes, some burns to his skin, and great embarrassment. We settled the case with the bank after mediation.

Pedestrian Accident (Meter Maid) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a female Meter Maid who confronted a man washing his auto at an unpaid metered space. When the man refused to pay the meter, and the client threatened to give him a ticket, he assaulted the client and her supervisor. The defendant covered his license plate to prevent the client from issuing a ticket and when the client attempted to obtain the auto’s vin number, the defendant jumped into the vehicle and ran over the client’s foot, resulting in a stress fracture. Furthermore, when the parking commission filed a criminal charge against the defendant for leaving the scene, the defendant filed a false criminal complaint and sent threatening letters to the client resulting in severe emotional distress. The District Attorney’s office dropped the criminal complaint against the client. After mediation, the case settled with the defendant’s auto and home owner’s insurance companies.
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Pedestrian Accident (Hit and Run Accident) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a female pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle that fled the scene immediately upon impact. The pedestrian, who had no auto insurance of her own, failed to secure the hit and run vehicle’s plate information, however, the police report identified a vehicle suspected as the vehicle involved in the accident. The defendant vehicle owner denied involvement in the accident and his insurer denied the claim. We tracked down the “911” tapes in which two separate witnesses identified the same plate number and our investigation prompted the District Attorney’s to reopen its investigation and prosecute the defendant for fleeing the scene of an accident causing serious injury. As a result of our investigation, the defendant’s insurer rescinded its denial and offered to compensate fairly our client who suffered a left leg bone contusion and a partial intersubstance tear necessitating physical therapy, orthopedic follow ups and substantial lost income.
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Pedestrian Accident (loss of consortium) – Award obtained on behalf of a 91 year old man who suffered a comminuted fracture of his leg when he was struck by a motorist in the crosswalk on his way to the grocery store. Award also obtained for his 90 year old wife of 70+ years for her loss of consortium claim resulting from his injury.
Pedestrian Accident Articles and Pedestrian Accident Cases Handled by Diller Law

Underinsured Accident – Award obtained on behalf of a 68 year old retired rabbi who was struck by another underinsured motorist who changed lanes resulting in a ruptured bicep muscle. Client suffered permanent injury that significantly interfered with his enjoyment for life’s daily activities.
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Auto Accident (Reasonably Foreseeable Intervening Event) – Settlement obtained on behalf of elderly man who was rear-ended by another motorist, resulting in back injuries necessitating surgery. Client awoke from accident-related surgery with severe case of tinnitis, which resulted in severe emotional distress.
Articles on Automobile Accidents and Automobile Accident Cases Handled by Diller Law