Product Liability Injuries

When a manufacturer, designer and/or seller of a product allows its product to be used when it is foreseeable that the product can be dangerous.

The manufacturer, designer and/or seller might owe the consumer a duty to prevent and/or warn against foreseeable dangers for products that the average consumer uses regularly, but takes for granted that they may not be safe for use. Examples of some of these products include:

  • motor vehicles
  • tools
  • manufacturing equipment
  • pharmaceuticals
  • food products
  • sports or recreational equipment
  • packaging materials

Unfortunately, the average consumer does not anticipate many of the hidden dangers in products used daily and serious injuries and/or death may result.

If you have suffered an injury because of a defective and/or dangerous product, you should consult with an experienced lawyer who can evaluate whether or not the designer, manufacturer and/or seller of the product failed to keep you safe and free from foreseeable danger.

The lawyers at DILLER LAW do not charge a fee for the initial consultation because we generally work on a contingency fee and we understand how difficult financially it is for those who have recently suffered an injury resulting from a defective product.

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