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Dr. John, Esq. is both an attorney and a physician. Before obtaining his law degree, Dr. John Naranja practiced for approximately 12 years as an orthopedic surgeon.

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Premises Liability (Residential Landlord’s Duty to Tenant) resulting in permanent leg injury – verdict obtained against residential landlords on behalf of a tenant, who slipped and fell on ice in the driveway.  The jury held the landlords responsible for the tenant’s damages resulting from the landlord’s failure to prepare the property for winter and failure to maintain the driveway in a safe condition.

Premises Liability (Restaurant’s Duty to Child on Premises) – verdict obtained against CEC Entertainment, Inc. (aka Chuck E Cheese) on behalf of a six (6) year old child injured while visiting Chuck E Cheese’s premises. The jury held Chuck E Cheese responsible for the child’s damages resulting from Chuck E Cheese’s failure to maintain its Sky Tube attraction in a safe condition and for not doing regular safety inspections to identify dangerous conditions in the Sky Tube.

Premises Liability (Janitorial Staff’s Duty to Professor in Academic Building)
Settlement obtained on first day of trial on behalf of a professor seriously injured when she slipped and fell on the wet floor of a common area in a local Cambridge university academic building. The defendant, a national provider of janitorial and management services, did not place yellow warning signs out while mopping.

Premises Liability (Property Owner’s Duty to Person Lawfully on the Premises) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a grandmother who sustained a serious ankle fracture while visiting the house in which her granddaughter was a tenant and stepped into a hole in the asphalt at the base of the outside staircase causing her injury. Defendant settled client’s case after we secured an attachment of the defendant property owner’s subject property and delayed such property’s impending sale.

Premises Liability (Landlord’s Duty to a Disabled Tenant) – Settlement obtained on behalf of a blind woman who suffered a fractured coccyx and soft tissue injuries when plaintiff fell down the interior staircase to her two story, fifth floor apartment when the railing came undone from the wall. The settlement came after mediation and helped her move her family to a safer apartment in a safer community.

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