Fire-Related Accidents

When a fire occurs, serious, if not fatal, injuries usually result. Moreover, the property losses resulting from fires can be significant.

If you have been injured in or suffered damages from a fire, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help evaluate your case and advise you whether some one or some entity had a legal obligation to prevent and/or mitigate your fire-related damages.

In order to cover your significant fire-related losses, a personal injury lawyer will look into

  • who or what started the fire
  • what should or could have been done to prevent the fire
  • what could or should have been done to mitigate the fire damage
  • were there adequate, unimpeded means of escape

The lawyers at DILLER LAW do not charge a fee for the initial consultation because we generally work on a contingency fee and we know that if you have been victimized by a fire, it is difficult enough for you. For a free legal consultation call us now at (617) 523-7771 or fill out our form on the top right side of this web page.

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