Taylor O’Donnell

50 Congress St. STE 420
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-523-7771
Email: todonnell@dillerlaw.com



  • B.S in Psychology, Minor in Criminal Justice, from Endicott College, Beverly, Massachusetts
  • Paralegal Certification, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts


  • Endicott College Women’s Soccer Team
  • Certified Student Mentor “You’re With Us!” Special Education Program, Endicott College

Personal Story

Taylor was born in Indianapolis, IN., and spent some of her childhood years in Portland, OR before moving to New Hampshire where her family still currently resides. Taylor is now a resident of Boston, MA.

Taylor has always had a deep interest in the Criminal Justice field, but more specifically in why people do the things they do.

Attending Endicott College, Taylor started as a Criminal Justice Major.

In her early years of college, she did several internships including at a local Police Dept, Special Education Program Services and Forensic Psychological Consulting Service which helped her discern which career path she felt most passionate about.

After incorporating Psychology heavily into her courseload, it soon became her major, while Criminal Justice became her minor. However, her main interest always remained rooted in Criminal Justice, and she knew that was the path she wanted to explore.

Post college, she worked for a Social Security Disability Law Firm helping people file for disability. At that time, she went back to school to obtain her Paralegal Certification from Boston College. She felt she had found her passion in this career path.

Her unique background in both Psychology and Criminal Justice provided her with keen insight into situations, which in turn, enables her to help clients in a more specific and personal way.

After receiving her certification, she worked as a law firm paralegal before joining the Diller Law team.

“It is very motivating for me to help people. This is why I became part of Diller Law. This firm embodies the values I work hard to uphold: due diligence, strong work ethic, motivation, dedication, commitment, leadership and dedication to our clients.”