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woman runs with prothesis - man running behind

Ask Dr. John, Esq – About Amputations

Amputations involve the loss of all or part of an extremity. Extremities include the arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. There are approximately 2 million individuals nationwide who are living with an amputation. The primary reason for amputations is a vascular disease (54%); trauma (45%) and cancer (less than 2%). Vascular disease includes conditions […]

illiotibial band syndrome hurts runner's knee

Ask Dr. John, Esq – Iliotibial Band Syndrome – ITB

In this time of social isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are attempting to pass the time with an exercise routine that respects the “6-foot-rule.” Also, where appropriate, an exercise routine that incorporates the outdoors with fresh air and the ability to explore nature seems more palatable. Even where going outdoors is not […]

sitting with back pain at work station

Ask Dr. John Esq – Is Prolonged Sitting Bad for Your Back?

Back pain impacts us all. 50%-80% of all adults will experience at least one episode of back pain during their lifetime. Even if we personally do not experience back pain, it is likely that someone close to us will. Accordingly, in this time of social distancing, decreased access to fitness facilities, and individuals working remotely […]

Frequently Asked Questions: PIP Insurance

  Welcome to our monthly segment to help answer questions pertaining to a particular topic.  This month we are talking about PIP Insurance.  What is it and how can it help you? Q. Even if at fault for causing an automobile accident, can the injured person receive insurance coverage to pay accident-related medical bills? Yes! Regardless […]

Who will pay for your accident-related medical bills?

  Your health should be your primary concern after a car crash! You should not be concerned with paying out of pocket for injuries you suffer in a car crash because there are a number of different insurance policies which may cover your accident-related medical bills including but not limited to your ambulance bills, hospital […]

Quick Question on Health Insurance

Here’s a quick question for a commonly asked question on Health Insurance in Massachusetts. If health insurance pays for needed medical-expenses resulting from a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident, does the injured person need to repay the health insurance for such accident-related medical benefits?

Frequently Asked Questions – MedPay Insurance

Often times we are asked around various insurance coverages.  MedPay Insurance is one such frequently asked question. Where can a person injured in a Massachusetts automobile accident find Medical Payments’ coverage (“Med Pay”) to pay for accident-related medical expenses?

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