Defective Premises

In Massachusetts, a landowner has a duty to maintain and to reasonably keep their premises free from all foreseeable and/or latent defects.

If you have been injured while on the property of another due to a known or unknown defect, you may be entitled to recovery of medical expenses, lost income, and other accident related damages. An experienced personal injury attorney will investigate your claim and determine which at-fault parties had the responsibility to maintain the property in question.

Moreover, tenants in Massachusetts are protected by the implied warranty of habitability, an unwritten, non-contractual warranty that is implied by law in all lease agreements. This warranty imposes an extra duty upon the landlord to seek out latent defects, repair known defects, and otherwise maintain all common areas of the property in a reasonable manner so that you may retain full enjoyment of your rented space. If you are injured while in a common area of your apartment building, the landlord may also be in breach of this implied warranty as well as generally negligent in his maintenance of the property.

Anytime you are injured as a result of some known or unknown defect on another’s property, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as practicable. At Diller Law, LLP, we have experience in handling cases involving defective premises. Our attorneys will provide a free consultation regarding your slip and fall, and, if you are seriously injured or otherwise unable to travel, our attorneys may travel to you.

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