Julie Ericson

Julie Ericson, Marketing Assistant - Diller Law, LLP
50 Congress St., Suite 420
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-523-7771

Marketing Director

Julie Ericson received her bachelor’s degree in Advertising (major) and Mathematical Statistics (minor) from Boston University in 2020. She is also a certified Analytics & Data Specialist and Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist through DigitalMarketer.

Before joining DILLER LAW as the Marketing Assistant, Julie had three years of marketing intern experience in sectors ranging from granola bars to engineering magazines to men’s underwear in Boston, London and New York City. Her favorite part of marketing is seeing positive trends in data-driven results after implementing different initiatives. These internships helped Julie grow into the person she is today by allowing her to live in many vibrant cities with great food, culture and events.

Julie has an adventurous spirit that drives a passion for travel. During the summer of 2018, she traveled alone to Croatia to work in a hostel in the small village of Fuzine, two hours outside of Zagreb. After her shift in the kitchen, she would spend the rest of the day by the lake, doing remote internship work and interacting with the town locals. At the conclusion of the summer, Julie traveled with an Australian coworker to Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia.

At Boston University, Julie was involved in BU Admissions Ambassadors, BU Gymnastics and her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. She loves spending time with friends and family in the Boston area, cooking her favorite dishes, and attending concerts.

Julie joined DILLER LAW, LLP in July 2020. She is involved in all marketing efforts, web series production and website content management.