Landlords – Tenants

Did you know that if you were injured in your apartment building, your landlord might be responsible for causing your injury?

Landlords in Massachusetts have duties to maintain their properties in good, habitable conditions free from any foreseeable dangers. Based upon the contractual relationship between a tenant and its landlord, the landlord has a duty to keep its tenants free from any foreseeable harm.

For example, you may have a claim if you suffered injury because of a defect on the property, because you fell down a dangerous stairwell, because your landlord failed to maintain the smoke detectors, the plumbing, the heating system, the appliances, or other property on the premises.

If you have suffered an injury in your rental apartment building, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, who can investigate the facts and determine your rights. At DILLER LAW, our personal injury attorneys have experience with tenant’s injuries caused by the landlord’s neglect. For a free consultation contact a reputable personal injury lawyer, who understands the landlord’s responsibility to prevent your injuries.