Out of State Accidents

Each year, Massachusetts’s drivers suffer serious injuries, incur significant medical expenses and lose substantial income resulting from auto accidents occurring outside the state. Any time you have been the victim of an automobile accident while driving outside Massachusetts, you should consult with an experienced attorney who can help assist you in recovering fair compensation under the circumstances.

Even if the at fault driver does not have adequate insurance to cover your injuries, an experienced personal injury attorney will know where to look for additional coverage and/or compensation for your serious injuries.

If you are a non-resident of Massachusetts who is seriously injured due to an in state accident, seeking the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer will be paramount in navigating state insurance practices and applicable law. Even though you may not be a Massachusetts resident, you may still be subject to certain medical expense thresholds which would otherwise bar recovery for your general damages.

If you are a non-resident involved in a Massachusetts accident, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident so they can begin to investigate the circumstances of your case and determine if any thresholds need to be met. Also, if you are a Massachusetts resident injured in an out of state accident, you should consult an experienced attorney immediately so that they can determine which states laws will apply. At Diller Law, LLP, we have experience in working with out of state counsel on accidents occurring outside of Massachusetts and in handling cases for non-residents injured in an automobile accident occurring in Massachusetts. Our attorneys will provide a free consultation regarding your accident, and, if you are seriously injured or otherwise unable to travel, our attorneys may travel to you.