Social Host

Did you know that the host of a party, where alcohol is served, may be responsible for injuries caused by one of its guests’ intoxication?

A good personal injury lawyer will help you discover whether the party’s host who served and/or supplied the alcohol to the guest should have stopped serving the guest before s/he got behind the wheel of a car and/or before the drunk guest injured someone. Under some circumstances, Massachusetts’ courts have said that certain injuries are foreseeable and the party host, who supplied/served the alcohol owed the victim a duty to prevent such injuries.

Moreover, Massachusetts’ Courts, under some circumstances, have found a host responsible for the injuries its guest drinker causes himself. For example, if a host over serves its guest alcohol and that guest causes injury to himself, the party host may be liable for causing the guest’s injuries.

Ultimately, drunk driving causes many serious injuries and could or should be prevented. If you have been victimized by a drunk driver, you should consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as practicable. Most reputable attorneys will provide a free consultation for this sort of case.

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