Towing and Storage

In Massachusetts, victims of motor vehicle accidents can incur many incidental expenses such as towing, storage, and rental vehicles as a result of an accident. Regardless of the total sum of these charges, you may be entitled to recovery of these expenses. An experienced lawyer will know where to look for recovery of these expenses.

You may be able to pay for rental vehicles, towing, or storage charges from your own coverage or that of any at-fault party. You may be reimbursed for such costs from your own insurance policy if you carry such optional coverage. You may also be entitled to recover these expenses from the at-fault party.

If you have questions regarding the recovery of incidental expenses as a result of an accident, or do not know what kind of coverage you have, you should consult your personal injury lawyer for assistance. At Diller Law, LLP we have experience in assisting our clients recover accident related expenses such as towing, storage, and rental vehicle costs.