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Season’s Greetings from DILLER LAW

2020 was unlike any year experienced before. We started the year involved in multiple trials between January and March. In fact, we successfully held a machine manufacturer accountable for the wrongful death of a husband and father of two (2)

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Ask Dr. John, Esq – Head Trauma – What is the Difference Between a Subdural and Epidural Hematoma?

photo of hematoma on arm - article by Dr. John Naranja, MD, JD

In order to identify the difference between a subdural and epidural hematoma that may occur after a head trauma, it is important to discuss the anatomy of the brain and its surrounding structures. First, understand that a hematoma is a

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Ask Dr. John, Esq – How are Concussions Assessed?

mechanisms of head injury and concusion

Concussions represent an injury to the brain caused by trauma. Another term for a concussion is a traumatic brain injury. The trauma can come from a direct blow to the head or sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside

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