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Ending Forced Arbitration

At the beginning of February, the Senate passed a bill to end forced arbitration in sexual assault and harassment cases in the workplace. To better understand the importance of this, first, let us define “arbitration” and “forced arbitration”. Arbitration itself is defined as “a procedure in which dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, […]

Dr. John Naranja, MD, JD is an expert witness in virtual mediations

Access to Justice – Dr. John – Medical Doctor and Attorney at Mediations

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution methodology. A hired independent and objective mediator will go back and forth between the two sides to bridge the gap between demand and offer. The mediator (a judge, a private lawyer, or a trained mediator) acts as a conduit to see if the sides can come to an agreement. […]

attorney provides access to justice in virmtual mediation

Access To Justice – Virtual Mediation

As we continue to navigate through the unknown territory of court shutdowns and the Pandemic, access to justice for our clients remains the priority at DILLER LAW. Our attorneys have continued to move cases along by using new virtual methods that ensure clients do not get left behind. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution methodology. […]

Man at home office signing documents with virtual chat on computer screen with people in virtual deposition

Virtual Depositions

In the midst of court shutdowns and the ongoing pandemic, access to justice for our clients remains of high importance at DILLER LAW. Our attorneys have been continuing to move cases along by holding virtual depositions over Zoom, where witnesses answer questions to prepare testimony for trial. A deposition is a witness’s sworn out-of-court testimony […]

man swearing in during virtual arbitration - trial

Virtual Arbitrations – Trials

Our State has an access to justice problem since the Pandemic. Courts closed between mid-March 2020, and July 2020 for non-emergency matters. Going forward, there are concerns that our courts cannot accommodate jurors safely with social distancing requirements. Therefore, until we have a reliable vaccine, litigants may have trouble getting a trial by jury. The […]

virtual arbitration in Massachusetts

Virtual Arbitration

While the world feels locked down, there is certainly concern that justice may be delayed. There is a well-known legal maxim that says “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.” William Penn wrote in a 1693 book “To delay justice is injustice.” In response to the Covid19 Pandemic, our Massachusetts’ Supreme Judicial Court issued an order postponing […]

greater newburyport bar association

Strategies for Recognizing Implicit Bias and
Utilizing New District Court Jury Instructions

Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 4:00-6:00 The Newburyport District Court, 188 State Street, Newburyport Two hours CLE for the CPCS Adult Criminal Panel With the adoption of new jury instructions addressing bias, it’s increasingly clear that important decisions – by jurors, practitioners and clients – are being impacted by bias.  How do biases color our decision-making […]

Diller Law, P.C. Super Lawyers - 2019

Super Lawyers At Diller Law, 2019

Diller Law is dedicated to helping clients hold wrongdoers accountable for ignoring safety rules resulting in injuries and damages. Clients and lawyers alike trust Diller Law to maximize results and to right wrongs for those injured by defective products or reckless drivers, as well as those harmed on unsafe properties and dangerous construction sites. Diller […]

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