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Ask Dr. John, Esq – Ballistics in Gunshot Wound Injuries

handgun, rifle, bullets cause injuries - ask dr. john

Injuries from firearms represent a serious public health issue. And although gunshot wound fatalities in the United States number at just under 40,000, more people suffer from nonfatal gunshot injuries than die. Survival after being injured by a fired projectile

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Access to Justice – Dr. John – Medical Doctor and Attorney at Mediations

Dr. John Naranja, MD, JD is an expert witness in virtual mediations

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution methodology. A hired independent and objective mediator will go back and forth between the two sides to bridge the gap between demand and offer. The mediator (a judge, a private lawyer, or a trained

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Ask Dr John, Esq – Five Common Trampoline Injuries

people jumping on trampolie with dog - article by Dr. John Naranja MD, JD.

Jumping on a trampoline has increased in popularity. Trampolines are available for jumping both commercially at trampoline parks and can be purchased for home use in our own backyards. With the rise in trampoline use, injuries have also escalated in

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