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Are Stanley Tumblers Unsafe?

Recently it has been confirmed that the extremely popular Stanley tumblers contain lead.   Buzz began on social media about there being lead in the tumblers and Stanley responded to the claims stating that their tumblers do contain lead. A spokesperson for the company clarified with a statement saying that lead is used in the manufacturing […]

Giro Merit Helmets Recalled for Risk of Head Injury

Bell Sports, a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, is an American maker of bicycle and motorcycle helmets. Recently, Bell Sports recalled Giro Merit helmets due to risk of head injury. Giro is a division of Bell Sports and manufactures helmets, goggles, apparel, shoes and soft goods for cycling, skiing and snowboarding.   According to this recall, the […]

Fisher-Price Recalls Product for the Second Time

In April 2019, Fisher-Price, recalled their popular “Rock ’n Play Sleeper” after over 30 infant fatalities occurred. These fatalities were reported to be the result of infants rolling from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained in the sleeper.   Fisher-Price had been selling these products since 2009 but had to put out a […]

Abbott Nutrition’s Voluntary Recall is Not Enough

After multiple infant deaths and/or infections allegedly caused by unsafe baby formula, Abbott Nutrition recently issued two voluntary recalls of its powder formulas made in its manufacturing facility in Sturgis, Michigan. These powder formulas include Similac, Alimentum and EleCare. During recent testing in their Sturgis, Michigan facility Abbott did in fact find evidence of Cronobacter […]

baby eating food containing heavy metals

Gerber and Beech-Nut Called Out For Not Recalling Products Containing Heavy Metals!

Subcommittee Chairman Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., spoke out. “Today’s report reveals that companies not only under-report the high levels of toxic content in their baby food but also knowingly keep toxic products on the market….the baby food industry has consistently cut corners and put profit over the health of babies and children.” Learn more.

amazon fulfillment of hazardous products

Holding Amazon Accountable for Selling Hazardous Products

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recently sued Amazon in an attempt to force the company to take responsibility and recall hazardous products being sold on their website, The committee is arguing that Amazon’s handling its “Fulfilled by Amazon” products make it a distributor under the law. However, Amazon refuses to take that responsibility. Learn more.

Fisher-Price Recalls Rock 'n Glide Southers

Fisher-Price Was Responsible For Selling Products They Knew Caused Infant Deaths

Fisher-Price continued to sell products to unsuspecting parents resulting in numerous infant deaths, despite knowing that its products were linked to a preventable risk of infant death. Fisher-Price knew about the risks and concerns surrounding the Rock’ n Play Sleeper product soon after its release; however, the company left the product on the market until the voluntary recall in 2019. It’s concerning that Fisher-Price knew the risks their products present but continued to sell multiple products for years without making any recalls or giving any warnings.

treadmills can be dangerous - peloton tread+

Peleton Treadmill Claimed Unsafe by CPSC

Although the CPSC believes that the Peloton Tread+ poses serious risks to children for abrasions, fractures, and death. the company is refusing to do so. In Massachusetts, the law requires product manufacturers like Peloton to sell products that do not pose an unreasonable risk to consumers. Learn more.

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