Spectator Holding A Sign Causes Dozens Of Cyclists To Crash During The Tour de France

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We hope the spectator has a good homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the mess she caused!

45 Kilometers from the finish of the first stage of the Tour de France, a female spectator held a large sign out into the race path, causing a multi-person bicycle crash. The spectator held her sign out into the road with her back turned away from the race, looking toward cameras. She didn’t see the cyclist coming up fast behind her. Rider Tony Martin crashed into her sign and fell. This caused dozens of riders behind Martin to crash causing a pile-up. Watch the video here (Spectator Causes Entire Peloton To Crash At Tour de France ) The crash resulted in several riders’ injuries. Some racers had to drop out of the race.

After the incident, the spectator fled the scene, and authorities had to track her down. When they got her into custody, French authorities announced a lawsuit and investigation against the woman for involuntarily causing injury and fleeing the scene. However, in the following days, Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme announced that the organization withdrew its complaint against the spectator. They used this situation to remind everyone who attends the race about the importance of following safety rules to keep the cyclists safe.
“If you come to the Tour, you hold your kid, you hold your pet, and don’t cross the road carelessly. And above all, you respect the riders.”

This is a good reminder that we need to be mindful of bicyclists. The spectator’s decision to extend her sign into the bicyclists’ path is synonymous with the hazards caused by parked motorists, who open car doors into the path of bicyclists and/or other motorists (also known as “dooring”). Bicyclists, whose path is impeded by careless motorists are at risk for serious injuries.

Massachusetts law requires motorists to avoid dooring. Mass. Gen. Law Ch. 90 Section 14 states “No person shall open a door on a motor vehicle unless it is reasonably safe to do so without interfering with the movement of other traffic, including bicyclists and pedestrians.”

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