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John Naranja, Jr., David Mehan, Marc Diller, Sean DeSantis, and Robert Lyons, personal injury attorneys at Diller Law, P.C.

Super Lawyers At Diller Law, 2018

Experience, Trust, Results Diller Law is an experienced team of litigators who fight aggressively to rightwrongs done to clients during difficult times in their lives. Diller Law seeksaccountability from wrongdoers, like those who sell dangerous products,maintain dangerous conditions on property or drive recklessly. For the second year in a row, Marc Diller has earned a […]

R. John Naranja, David Mehan, Rising Star, Marc Diller - Top 100 lawyers in New England, Top 100 Massachusetts, Shaun DeSantis, Rising Star, Robert Lyons, Brittany Conner

Super Lawyers At Diller Law, 2017

Experience, Trust, Results Diller Law is a strong team of experienced litigators representing victims in cases involving defective products, premises liability and motor vehicle-related accidents. Marc Diller has earned a spot on the New England Super Lawyers Top 100 lists in Massachusetts and New England, and Shaun DeSantis and David Mehan are once again Rising […]

shaun desantis personal injury lawyer

Shaun DeSantis Always Wanted To Be A Lawyer

Shaun DeSantis always wanted to be a lawyer. His priority is to advocate for people who don’t have the education, training, or the means to handle the difficulties encountered after a personal injury. In an ideal world you shouldn’t need a lawyer to hold others accountable and to obtain just compensation, but in the real […]

stethescope or gavel? which career to choose

Becoming A Doctor or Lawyer? Or, Both? An Interview With Dr. R. John Naranja Jr., M.D., J.D.

Jonjy Ananth Interviews Dr. R. John Naranja Jr., M.D., J.D. on WCUW Community Radio 93.1 FM When considering his career choice, Dr.John Naranja, an orthopaedic surgeon and personal injury attorney, had a strong influence in terms of going into medicine. Both of his parents were physicians. What he didn’t know, is that he would years […]

Diller Law, P.C. attorneys named Super Lawyer and Rising Stars

Diller Law, LLP – Super Lawyers

LEFT TO RIGHT: David Mehan**, Marc Diller*, Shaun DeSantis**, Dr. R. John Naranja Jr. *CHOSEN TO 2016 SUPER LAWYERS; **CHOSEN TO 2016 RISING STARS EXPERIENCE. TRUST. RESULTS. Diller Law, LLP is proud to announce, for the second consecutive year, Marc Diller has been named to the Super Lawyers list1 and Shaun DeSantis and David Mehan […]

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