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Bar Goes Down with the Drunk

Can the Bar that served the drunk driver involved in my accident be held responsible?   Yes. In Massachusetts we have what is called Dram Shop Law, and under that law a bar can be held responsible if a person they served alcohol to goes out and injures someone.    To break this down further, […]

type of distracted driving in Massachusetts

Three Types of Distracted Driving in Massachusetts

According to the Center for Disease Control, nine people in the United States are killed every day in crashes that reportedly involve a distracted driver.  In Massachusetts alone, there have been on average 100,000 crashes reported each year that have involved distracted drivers.  Distracted driving is defined as “any activity that diverts attention away from […]

OUI – Operating Under The Influence

If you have been convicted of an OUI (operating under the influence) charge, there may be an opportunity for you to challenge the disposition of your case. Last week, a Concord District Court judge granted a motion that prompted thousands of notices to be sent to drunken driving defendants. These notices informed the convicted that […]

drunk driver responsibility

Drunken Driving Responsibility

According to the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (“MADD”), every two minutes someone is injured in a drunk driving crash and every 51 minutes, someone is killed by a drunk driving crash. Drunk driving remains the #1 cause of death on our roadways. On December 29, 2019, a 13-year-old girl, Claire Zisserson, died in a […]

I was injured by a drunk driver!

If you were injured by a drunk driver, can you recover compensation from the drunk driver? When a drunk driver injures you in Massachusetts, the drunk driver’s auto insurance company generally will defend and indemnify the drunk driver for the injuries his negligent acts caused you.  Unfortunately, victims of drunk driving accidents can suffer serious […]

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