Super Lawyers At Diller Law, 2017

R. John Naranja, David Mehan, Rising Star, Marc Diller - Top 100 lawyers in New England, Top 100 Massachusetts, Shaun DeSantis, Rising Star, Robert Lyons, Brittany Conner

Experience, Trust, Results Diller Law is a strong team of experienced litigators representing victims in cases involving defective products, premises liability and motor vehicle-related accidents. Marc Diller has earned a spot on the New England Super Lawyers Top 100 lists

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Shaun DeSantis Always Wanted To Be A Lawyer

shaun desantis personal injury lawyer

Shaun DeSantis always wanted to be a lawyer. His priority is to advocate for people who don’t have the education, training, or the means to handle the difficulties encountered after a personal injury. In an ideal world you shouldn’t need

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What To Know About Attorney Robert J. Lyons – It’s The Results That Matter

attorney robert j. lyons gets results for his clients based on a solid in education and values

A man inspired to meet and exceed expectations in his work and life, Robert Lyons puts his all into achieving results. Looking back, this began with his first varsity Lacrosse game. Having been coached by his father leading up to

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Becoming A Doctor or Lawyer? Or, Both? An Interview With R. John Naranja Jr., M.D., J.D.

stethescope or gavel? which career to choose

Jonjy Ananth Interviews R. John Naranja Jr., M.D., J.D. on WCUW Community Radio 93.1 FM When considering his career choice, Dr. Naranja, an orthopaedic surgeon and personal injury attorney, had a strong influence in terms of going into medicine. Both

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Lack of Relationship Between Vehicle Damage and Occupant Injury

car crash victim, whiplash injuries can last a lifetime

In the mid-1990’s a major car insurance company published a set of guidelines and trained its claims adjustors to deny injury claims when the car damage was low. Other insurance companies followed suit. The purpose of the Minor Impact Soft

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10.4% Increase in Traffic Deaths – Are Smartphones To Blame?

man driving distracted with mobile phone and smartphone app

In Massachusetts, the law states drivers must pay attention in order to prevent injury to others. There is no prohibition on cell phone use while driving in New Hampshire. However, all New Hampshire drivers are prohibited from texting, The National

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Diller Law, P.C. – Super Lawyers

Diller Law, P.C. attorneys named Super Lawyer and Rising Stars

LEFT TO RIGHT: David Mehan**, Marc Diller*, Shaun DeSantis**, R. John Naranja Jr. *CHOSEN TO 2016 SUPER LAWYERS; **CHOSEN TO 2016 RISING STARS EXPERIENCE. TRUST. RESULTS. Diller Law, P.C. is proud to announce, for the second consecutive year, Marc Diller

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Preventable Injuries, Playground Safety and How to Protect Your Children

safer playgrounds, safer play for kids
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Distractions, Teenagers, and Car Crashes

teenager texting while driving

Research Shows Distracted Driving is Four Times Worse Than Estimated How many of us worry about safety knowing that there are teenagers behind the wheel of a car? This younger generation has grown up adept at using technological devices.  In

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Danger after 2015 Blizzard – Slips and Falls on Snow and Ice

snow on steps and sidewalk looking out an open door

The Blizzard of 2015 and this winter’s first big storm may have passed, but the dangers resulting from snow and ice have just begun. Inadequately plowed and shoveled walkways and driveways will likely freeze and create dangerous, icy walking surfaces

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