Preventable Injuries, Playground Safety and How to Protect Your Children

safer playgrounds, safer play for kids
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Distractions, Teenagers, and Car Crashes

teenager texting while driving

Research Shows Distracted Driving is Four Times Worse Than Estimated How many of us worry about safety knowing that there are teenagers behind the wheel of a car? This younger generation has grown up adept at using technological devices.  In

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Danger after 2015 Blizzard – Slips and Falls on Snow and Ice

snow on steps and sidewalk looking out an open door

The Blizzard of 2015 and this winter’s first big storm may have passed, but the dangers resulting from snow and ice have just begun. Inadequately plowed and shoveled walkways and driveways will likely freeze and create dangerous, icy walking surfaces

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Considerations in Vince Wilfork’s Rescue Activities

Vince-Wilfork, pictured image cropped from the original, at 8-28-09 Patriots-vs-Redskins game

Vince Wilfork (a) By Ask Dr. John, Esq. Car crash victims invite rescue. But what considerations should rescuers contemplate before attempting rescue? In the aftermath of a New England Patriots victory of the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts,

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Be Careful of Drunk Drivers Thanksgiving Eve

row of liquor shots being poured

Be careful of drunk drivers on the road on the evening before Thanksgiving. Across the country, the bar industry knows that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest drinking nights of the year. Old friends get together and

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Bounce Houses: How Seemingly Innocent Fun Can Turn To Tragedy

bounce house in residential neighborhood

It is given that parents will never cease to worry about the safety of their children, especially in modern society, but we should be able to lower our guard while our young ones are enjoying a harmless activity like bouncing

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Lessons from Actor Comedian Tracy Morgan’s Failure to Wear a Seatbelt v. Walmart

tracy morgan in 2009 at promotion for his book

Tracy Morgan (a) Do we want to live in a community that condones blaming the victim instead of owning up to our mistakes? When a company in the business of operating fully loaded tractor-trailers violates safety rules intended to protect

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School Bus Safety Is Important for All of Us

school bus

What happened to summer? School is full swing back in session and kids are back on the school bus, commuting to and from school. Legally, school bus companies are held to higher standards of care because we entrust our children

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Danger Still Lurks in Overcrowded Student Housing

google maps street view of 87 linden street september 2013

The Roles Landlords, Inspectors, Universities and Students and Families Play There are one hundred and fourteen colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts(1). Each year on September 1, students across the State move into off campus apartments. Those landlords,

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Stay Safe Biking in Boston

multiple bike collisions on boston bike map

Bicycle Crash Hotspots Many bicyclists suffer serious injury and incur significant medical and financial losses resulting from bicycle accidents. If a bicyclist suffers injury as a result of an accident involving a car, the bicyclist, regardless of fault, can have

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