Ask Dr. John, Esq – Ballistics in Gunshot Wound Injuries

handgun, rifle, bullets cause injuries - ask dr. john

Injuries from firearms represent a serious public health issue. And although gunshot wound fatalities in the United States number at just under 40,000, more people suffer from nonfatal gunshot injuries than die. Survival after being injured by a fired projectile

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Access to Justice – Dr. John – Medical Doctor and Attorney at Mediations

Dr. John Naranja, MD, JD is an expert witness in virtual mediations

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution methodology. A hired independent and objective mediator will go back and forth between the two sides to bridge the gap between demand and offer. The mediator (a judge, a private lawyer, or a trained

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Ask Dr John, Esq – Five Common Trampoline Injuries

people jumping on trampolie with dog - article by Dr. John Naranja MD, JD.

Jumping on a trampoline has increased in popularity. Trampolines are available for jumping both commercially at trampoline parks and can be purchased for home use in our own backyards. With the rise in trampoline use, injuries have also escalated in

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Season’s Greetings from DILLER LAW

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021. Today starts a great new year - Sincerely Diller Law, P.C.

2020 was unlike any year experienced before. We started the year involved in multiple trials between January and March. In fact, we successfully held a machine manufacturer accountable for the wrongful death of a husband and father of two (2)

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Ask Dr. John, Esq – Head Trauma – What is the Difference Between a Subdural and Epidural Hematoma?

photo of hematoma on arm - article by Dr. John Naranja, MD, JD

In order to identify the difference between a subdural and epidural hematoma that may occur after a head trauma, it is important to discuss the anatomy of the brain and its surrounding structures. First, understand that a hematoma is a

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Ask Dr. John, Esq – How are Concussions Assessed?

mechanisms of head injury and concusion

Concussions represent an injury to the brain caused by trauma. Another term for a concussion is a traumatic brain injury. The trauma can come from a direct blow to the head or sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside

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Ask Dr John, Esq – Dog Bite Infections

dogs of all sizes and shapes, article by dr. john naranja, md, jd

Currently, American homes have adopted over 90 million dogs into their families. Without a doubt, these canines provide enjoyment and companionship to their owners. Notwithstanding the camaraderie and comfort dogs afford, dog bites are an event that can occur for

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Ask Dr. John, Esq – Why are my feet numb?

foot with pain and numbness in bones

Numbness, which is sometimes described with tingling, is defined as a loss of sensation of a particular body part. Medical providers often refer to this symptom as paresthesias. In this article, we will discuss numbness as it relates to the

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Ask Dr John, Esq – About Prosthetics

doctor teaching wound care for healing prior to prosthetic attachment

Amputations involve the loss of all or part of an extremity. Extremities include the arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. There are approximately 2 million individuals nationwide who are living with an amputation. For many amputees, one option to

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Justice Kimberly S. Budd to be Massachusetts Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court

John Adams Courthouse, home to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, attribution to Swampyank, Creative Commons License

In this year (2020), when racial equality has been central to the National dialogue, our State’s highest court committed “to reexamine why, too often, our criminal justice system fails to treat African-Americans the same as white Americans, and recommit ourselves

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