Premises Liability

It’s a daily occurrence that we walk through stores, buildings, apartments, parking lots, or local restaurants.

Unfortunately for many people who suffer injury on someone else’s property, they don’t discover the many hidden dangers on these properties until it’s too late.

If you suffered injury on someone else’s property, you should consult with an experienced lawyer who understands what obligations the property owner had protect you from injury by maintaining or repairing the property so it was safe and free of defects or dangerous conditions by:

  • preventing the accumulation of ice or snow on the ground
  • clearing a slippery or dangerous object on the ground
  • warning against dangerous situation
  • keeping the property secure from dangerous people

The lawyers at DILLER LAW do not charge a fee for the initial consultation because we generally work on a contingency fee and we know how complicated it is for victims to navigate Massachusetts’s laws regarding accidents on someone else’s property.

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