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The Hero’s Call | Episode 10 | Susan Velardi | Elementary School Teacher

In the upcoming weeks, teachers and students will go back to school. Whether in-person, remote or hybrid, school this year will be different. In MA, we are all navigating these uncharted waters together. This summer, one school in Connecticut resumed in-person classes before others. This week on The Hero’s Call, we interviewed one of those […]

The Hero’s Call | Episode 9 | Declan Houton | Devri Boston

When the bars and restaurants shut down, the annual fundraiser hosted by local band @DevriBoston was cancelled. Learn how a local musician, Declan Houton turned his basement into an Irish pub and hosted a live concert for charity every Sunday night to raise money for @Lucy’slovebus. Houton raised more than $36,000 to improve the lives […]

The Hero’s Call | Episode 7 | Cara Soulia | The Front Steps Project

How does a simple idea go viral and raise more than $1.85 Million for the charities most needy in the midst of a global pandemic? In Episode 7 of The Hero’s Call, learn how Needham photographer, Cara Soulia, took her unexpected free time and founded The Front Steps Project, where she documented this historical time […]

The Hero’s Call | Episode 6 | Dr. Tonisha Pinckney | Professor | Social Justice Advocate

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the racial justice crisis in our Country, learn how social justice advocate Dr. Tonisha Pinckney (Dr. Toni) is ready to resume mentoring police officers and to tackle race relations’ issues head on in an effort to make “liberty and justice for all” a reality.

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