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woman fell off bicycle on the ground - common accidents bicycling

Ask Dr John Esq – Five Common Bicycle Injuries

This episode of Common Bicycle Injuries will focus on traumatic injuries (that excludes head trauma). A later edition will discuss non-traumatic injuries and traumatic brain injuries. A wide spectrum of human anatomy is at-risk in a traumatic cycling injury. It is helpful to classify these injuries based on the mechanism by which they were sustained. […]

mother and daughter bicycling down a mountan road

Ask Dr John Esq – Bicycle Safety Considerations

In the context of COVID-19 and the shut down of gyms and fitness centers, many individuals are finding different ways to keep fit and pursue recreational activities. One area that has been impacted is the demand for bicycles. Sales of bicycles for both children and adults have experienced double- and triple-digit increases in sales. The […]

coronavirus - protect yourself from scams

Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus Scams

As if the rising toll of COVID-19 victims and the economic impact wasn’t enough, now criminals are taking advantage of the situation to trick people into downloading malicious software onto their computers; giving out sensitive information enabling identity theft, or emptying their wallets for ‘cures’ or treatments that don’t exist. If you’re following the news, […]

unsafe work conditions lead to construction workers death

Unsafe Work Conditions Lead to Construction Deaths

There are far too many cases where construction workers never return home after a fatal accident on an unsafe jobsite. The Boston Globe recently covered two more construction deaths that occurred within a few hours of one another in Massachusetts. In one case’ a 25-year-old roofer fell from a 25-foot sloped roof. He was pronounced […]

Nightclub safety regulations to be enforced.

Nightclub Safety Regulations To Be Enforced

Reforms were called for by the City Counsel after a woman was abducted from a nightclub and killed last year. This abduction occurred only weeks after another kidnapping took place at a different club.  Now, a guidebook called “Best Practices in Public Safety for Nightclubs & other Licensed Premises,” has been released. According to Boston […]

Massachusetts MBTA Red Line train derailed June 11, 2019

MBTA Safety Issues and Deficiencies

Just because the The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is a pseudo public entity, it is not relieved from being held accountable to the public when it fails to provide safe transportation services or leaves unreasonably dangerous conditions on its property. The MBTA hired a group of experts to evaluate its safety. The final reports […]

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