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Child Car Seats May Not Be Safe As Advertised

mother trying to decide the best car seat for her child

Congressional Investigation Finds Many Booster Seat Makers “Endangered” Children’s Lives After Review of “Meaningless Safety Testing” — ProPublica

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Ask Dr John, Esq – Heart Health

heartbeat - heart shaped icon article by Dr John Naranja MD, JD

Through extensive research, the medical community has identified risk factors that you should understand to increase your chances of a heart-healthy life. Risk factors can be classified into those that cannot be changed; risk factors that can be treated or

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Ask Dr John, Esq – What is a Chest Contusion?

chest x-ray

Chest trauma from motor vehicle collisions represents serious injuries. Another term for this type of trauma is blunt chest trauma. Many also recognize these injuries under a generic umbrella designation of chest contusions. While technically chest contusions are a bruise

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OUI – Operating Under The Influence

If you have been convicted of an OUI (operating under the influence) charge, there may be an opportunity for you to challenge the disposition of your case. Last week, a Concord District Court judge granted a motion that prompted thousands

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Ask Dr John Esq. – What Are Epidural Steroid Injections?

epidural steroid injection iillustration

Epidural steroid injections are a common treatment for low back and neck pain that radiates into the leg(s) or arm(s) respectively. This article will discuss the anatomy involved in an epidural injection, what an epidural steroid injection is, why it

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Ask Dr John, Esq – Spinal Cord Injury and Types of Paralysis

spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries occur in the United States at a rate of approximately 12,000 injuries each year. The largest proportion (36.5 percent) are a result of car accidents. The next most common causes occur as a result of falls, followed

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