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Nobody Should Die Watching A Baseball Game

baseball pitch viewed from behind protective net

– Marc Diller Seventy-nine-year-old Linda Goldbloom was seated with family members in Section 106 in the Loge Level behind home plate at the game between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 25, 2018. The mother

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Landlords Held Accountable – 2.3 Million Trial Verdict

jury held residential landlords with the equivalent of $2.3 milllion verdict

Congratulations to the trial team of Marc Diller and Richard Mucci (Law office of Richard Mucci), who secured a trial verdict last week in Middlesex Superior Court equal to $2.3 million (inclusive of interest). The jury held the residential landlords

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Preventable Injuries, Playground Safety and How to Protect Your Children

safer playgrounds, safer play for kids
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Bounce Houses: How Seemingly Innocent Fun Can Turn To Tragedy

bounce house in residential neighborhood

It is given that parents will never cease to worry about the safety of their children, especially in modern society, but we should be able to lower our guard while our young ones are enjoying a harmless activity like bouncing

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Danger Still Lurks in Overcrowded Student Housing

google maps street view of 87 linden street september 2013

The Roles Landlords, Inspectors, Universities and Students and Families Play There are one hundred and fourteen colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts(1). Each year on September 1, students across the State move into off campus apartments. Those landlords,

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IRS Pays $862k to Man who Tripped at Audit

Did you know that you do not have to pay taxes on somel awards or settlements even if the Internal Revenue Service pays the award? A judge recently found the IRS legally responsible for maintaining a dangerous condition on its

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