Landlords Held Accountable – 2.3 Million Trial Verdict

jury held residential landlords with the equivalent of $2.3 milllion verdict
Congratulations to the trial team of Marc Diller and Richard Mucci (Law office of Richard Mucci), who secured a trial verdict last week in Middlesex Superior Court equal to $2.3 million (inclusive of interest). The jury held the residential landlords accountable for not preparing the rental property for winter and not fixing the known dangerous condition in the driveway resulting in permanent injuries to a tenant.

“We are proud of our client who stood up for her rights and sought to hold her residential landlords accountable for their actions. This verdict speaks to the importance of safety on rental properties in Middlesex County. Hopefully, the verdict will result in landlords taking better precautions and making their properties more safe for tenants and the public.”

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